Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is your staff trained?

A: Our staff members work as a team and bounce ideas off one another and make suggestions for one another in all types of situations. They all have first aid certification, WHMIS training and undergo a criminal record check. Five of our staff members have Early Childhood Education (ECE) certificates and 1 staff member has personal support worker certification. All of our staff are experienced and complete ongoing training and workshops. We hire an aid for each special needs child that is entered into our program.

Q: What types of things do you teach each age group?

A: New Maryland Children’s Centre Ltd. offers age-appropriate learning for all children. For example, our 2-year-olds are taught independence through making choices and increase their vocabulary by using descriptive words. We work on gross motor skills and social skills are supported. For our 3- and 4-year-olds, we provide different opportunities for children to investigate in a creative manner. We work on the alphabet and introduce various words to increase vocabulary. Fine and gross motor skills are supported along with problem solving and independence skills. In our after-school program, children have a variety of activities to choose from. We work on problem solving and social skills are supported, as is creativity.

Q: Do the children play outside?

A: We are outside as much as possible. Children should have proper gear (muddy buddy pants and rubber boots, etc.) so if we choose to go on a walk and search for worms or play in puddles, your children will be comfortable. Of course, if it is really raining or snowing, we have plenty of alternative activities we can do inside.

Q: How often is your facility cleaned?

A: We take pride in keeping a site that is very clean. Our staff completes routine daily cleaning and a weekly deep clean.

Q: Will your school prepare my child for kindergarten?

A: Yes. We provide a kindergarten prep program and have received many positive reviews from area teachers. Many kindergarten teachers have commented how they know which children have spent time at our care facility. Our kids have learned to take turns, learned to share, sit quietly and have fine motor skills (using scissors or writing their name). They develop independence skills, social skills and have proper hand washing and bathroom skills.

Q: Do you accept subsidies?

A: Yes, we accept government subsidies and have full-time and part-time options to meet your unique needs.

New Maryland Children’s Centre Ltd. welcomes all of your questions. Please feel free to use our convenient contact form or simply come see us for a guided tour.

Read the New Maryland Children’s Centre Ltd. FAQ

Read some of the frequently asked questions we hear from parents interested in enrolling their children at New Maryland Children’s Centre Ltd. We hope you find this information helpful and invite you to come visit us in person to take a tour of our school. We are conveniently located right off the New Maryland Highway.

New Maryland Children’s Centre Ltd. welcomes all of your questions. Please feel free to use our convenient contact form or simply come see us for a guided tour.

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