Programs for Toddlers in New Maryland, Hanwell and Beaver Dam

"Our goal as your son's or daughter's educators is to guide them, not to lead them. We will do this by providing a developmentally appropriate environment and interesting materials and by giving them adequate time to explore, play, and interact with materials. Our classroom is constantly changing to provide the available materials to our programs for toddlers in New Maryland so as to keep your child's interest and peak their curiosity."

New Maryland Children’s Centre Ltd. offers a well-rounded toddler programs for 2-3 year old's that encourages their love of learning. Read more about the features of our program below and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Toddler Program in New Maryland

  • Spatial awareness - begin sharing/cleaning up - be responsible for what they've played
    with and helping others
  •  Introduction to colours, shapes, numbers and alphabet
  • Weather - discuss the day's weather (hot, cold, rainy, cloudy, windy, snowy, dark, bright)thereby enhancing their vocabulary
  •  Support outdoor adventures - look for bugs, rocks, flowers, etc. Discuss colours,compare sizes
  • Learn about their bodies - arms, legs, back, chest, belly, fingers, toes, neck, ears, nose,eyes, and their functions
  • Feelings - use words to express their needs and feelings.
  • Fine motor skills - colouring, cutting, painting, rolling/manipulating play-doh, movingsmall objects
  • Gross motor skills - dancing, exercises (children's yoga), running, jumping
  •  Independent Eating - providing appropriate utensils for mealtimes/snack times, usingregular cups, offering condiments and letting them choose. Introduce you toddler to new experiences/words - field trips, new activities, specialguests (magician, fireman, policeman, ambulance/attendant)
  • Expand attention span - gradually increase time spent on activities
  •  Support creativity.... - provides resources (boxes, ribbons, markers, paint, etc.) andfollows their lead in how they're used. Parent Information
Parent Information

Parent Information

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